Passionate About Inspiring Others

Before I begin, My name is Ali Gomez, and I'm glad you have come to see what drives me and the Life Works Group to do what we have set out to accomplish with Inspiring others. Many years ago I was asked what did I want to do when I grew up, the answer was to inspire others. In every job, activity, challenge I ever took up, I naturally took on a role of wanting to motivate, inspire and help people get the best results out of themselves. I truly believe we all have the ability to achieve great results in life following our passions and dreams, but sometimes we need a push to show us that this is possible and to steer us on the right path to get the right results. Over the years I have managed and lead multi million pound companies, started and run successful businesses, worked doing 1-2-1 coaching, holding seminars and team coaching with clients to help improve self esteem, confidence, courage, and following their passions.  I have held talks at the London Excel to over 11,000 attendees, learning from some of the most successful businessmen and coaches in the world, including being awarded a diploma from Brian Tracey, and working alongside the one and only Tony Robbins.

Life works Group will help benefit:


  • Appreciate your talents and enhance them.

  • Believe in yourself and make your own decisions.

  • Achieve your goals through personal goals.

  • Helping youth to cope with the demands that today's world places on them.

  • Re-engage, Re-invigorate, Re-focus


  • Engaged and motivated students who are interested in their chosen subjects.

  • An alternative way to narrowing the gap between students.

  • Reduction in exclusions, isolations, and detentions.

  • Improved attendance levels.

  • Allows teachers to do what they do best, spend their valuable time teaching.


  • Reduce pressure on family life

  • A safe support system for your son/daughter

  • Confident teenagers who have confidence to discuss their challenges

  • Young people who understand their emotions and how to deal with them

  • Clarity on your child's future