• Ali Gomez Mehmet

How to cleanse your mindset?

We all always hear the common quote “I want a peaceful life”. We wrongly understand the meaning of Peace because we mostly believe that Peace means “having all the happiness in our lives and having all what we usually desire for”. But is this correct? Because peace does not mean happiness or having what we desire for in our lives, rather it means “having freedom from all the civil disturbances”.

Just think of a situation where everyone is getting what they desire for, then what will the world look like? Unfortunately, all the criminals would be out of prison, all the candidates appearing in any competitive exam will top the exam, all will get salaries without having done any work. But what if we really start getting salaries without work or we top in the examination without having done any hard work and get to see our favorite movies and play games for the whole day or eat what we want and sleep when we want. Will we be happy then even? The answer is NO.

This is the exact situation in the lockdown and still we are dealing with anxiety and depression and still seeking for peace because somewhere we miss our old lifestyle. So, peace is not getting what we want rather it is understanding what doesn’t affect us and for this we need to be happy, calm and stable from inside. So, practicing and doing some of those kinds of things what we really used to do before can really help us. For example, playing those games which we used to play in our childhood can really help us. For me, my childhood games are the PlayStation, backgammon and Football and they really give me inner happiness. Another thing that can keep us happy and calm is doing what we really want to do like sleeping, dancing, cooking, painting, singing, etc. but in moderation, because doing which is really attached deeply to our heart, gives us huge satisfaction and that is why

I spend my time reading books which give me so much knowledge (I’m currently reading Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, which is a great book). They keep my mind busy, give me relaxation and the knowledge that I get, satisfies me from inside. After all, it is always good to get lost in a good book. I also spend time in trying and making new vlogs, of course thanks to the creators on YouTube, who tell me different methods of vlogging that helps me be productive in that way.

During our busy school or college lives or office lives, we usually do not get enough time to talk to our family and spend quality time with them. In such a period, I have had the opportunity to spend time calling and messaging friends and family, asking more meaningful questions and really taking the time out to grow relationships, even remotely from home. It really satisfies my heart, gives me immense happiness and true peace knowing that there are people who get happy when I am picking up the phone calling and messaging them so much more and I hold an extremely important position in their lives. So, this is the best time to spend time growing those bonds, as when running back and forth in busy daily life usually we just about have time to say the words morning and goodnight in a text.

One thing that I learnt is that Yoga and Meditation is the best methods to cleanse minds as according to medical science - Exercising improves strength and agility and can help build our immunity in times like these. Meditation helps us to stay stress free and relaxed as it helps us to inculcate a lot of energy and boost our stamina. These factors make our mind relaxed and help us to be stable because healthy body is one of the important factors to stay relaxed and be stable.

All these things make me stronger, happy, confident and much better person from inside. So, it’s necessary to spend our free time in a good and in a rightful manner rather than feeling stressed out of the situation. #stayhomestaysafe #mindset #inspire #love #passion #mentalhealth

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